Antonio Carlos Farias – Brazil | Antonio Carlos Farias – Brazil – STUNT MASTERS CUP – Stunt Riding World Championship – Motorcycle Freestyle Championship

Antonio Carlos Farias – Brazil


Antonio Carlos Farias started his adventure with freestyle on a BMX cycle in 1985. He won couple of Brazilian Championships and became Brasilian freestyle champion. Around 1989 AC made a switch to motorcycles winning every single freestyle event in this new category.

People of all ages are fascinated by AC’s show. In recent years he performed at different shows in various countries such as:

Spain (Spuperbike World Championship)
Italy (Ducati Weekend)
Germany (Drag Racing in Hockenheim)
Japan (Extreme Games)
Canada (Freestyle World Championship)

1998 AC won the European Stunt Riding Championship.
2000 he won the first ever Freestyle World Championship.

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