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Rider Registration

Welcome to 2019 Stunt Masters Cup Riders Registration form.

Please take your time and fill out this form as complete as possible.

Personal information such as name or age can be marked as “Hide from Public” to prevent public from seeing it and it will be strictly used for our internal use associated with the 2019 Stunt Masters Cup Event.
Please make sure the information you are entering is true and accurate. We will be using that information for booking and shipping information purposes.

Registration Fee for 2019 Event is $100 USD paid via PayPal to Sebastian402@gmail.com

Only Paid Applications will be reviewed.

After your application has been accepted we will contact you by email.

Applications are reviewed daily but please allow up to 7 days for an answer.

This Application does not guarantee the participation in the event it is only the first step in the process.

Registration Fee will be waived for VIP Riders. (VIP Riders get their personal invitations to our event)

Only 15 Places are available so register quickly and don’t miss your chance to participate in this amazing event in the heart of Dubai UAE!
This Year we will have “Junior Stunt Master Category” for Riders under 18 Years Old.

We will announce full list of VIP Riders on our Facebook/Instagram page.
We will assist all other accepted riders with Shipping, Discounted Hotel Bookings and Entry Visas.

If you live in Europe we will be offering round trip free shipping from Poland to Dubai for paid riders. The motorcycles are shipped in Bike Cases sized 198cm/77cm/120cm – You can use your own case or rent one from us for a fee of $50 USD round trip.

2019 Stunt Masters Cup Event will be held in Dubai on a Stunt Arena 70x25meters with paved surface.

More details will be released to you once your application has been accepted.

Thank You for participation in our event and see you in Dubai