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Stunt Masters Cup – Official Rules.

Stunt Masters Cup
was founded by Stunt Riders for Stunt Riders. We take our Judging very seriously and that is why we chose to partner up with International Motorcycles Freestyle Federation

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Rules have been created by Professional Stunt Riding Legend:

Chris Pfeiffer

Stunt Masters Cup Official Rules:

Run time: 2min 40sec + 20 sec for one bonus trick. Overall: 3min

Warmup: 30 sec

Judging (scoring system):

Technical difficulty, max 50 points

Style points: max 15 points

Bonus trick: max 5 points

Mistakes: max 10 penalty points!

1.”Technical difficulty”

Wheelies: max 20 points

Stoppies: max 10 points

Drifts/burnouts: max 10 points

Acro+other tricks: max. 10 points

  1. “Style“

Flow, transitions, aggressivity, track occupation: max 15 points

  1. “Bonus trick”

ONE special trick in 20 sec. Max 5 points. No penalty points are given for mistakes! The trick can be repeated but the repetition has to be in the 20 sec time window! After the bonus trick the rider has to stop riding immediately

  1. “Mistakes”

Foot on the ground : -0.25 penalty points (except for the tricks requiring a foot on the ground, for example : Dead spin)

Engine shut down : -1 point

Bike crashed, cage on the ground, rider still holding the bike : -1.5 points!

Bike crashed, cage on the ground, rider not holding the bike anymore : -2.5 points

Max penalty points: -10


If the rider doesn’t show up for the warm up when it’s his turn, he will be disqualified after 1 min!

In case of problems regarding the bike, the rider can ask for a 5 min time out at the start line. He has to show up at the start line, otherwise he is disqualified.

The rider has to inform the judge or the speaker 1 minute before his run.

The rider is allowed to borough a different bike but he has to make sure the judges and the speaker know about this because number stickers will be fixed at the bikes.

Gear rules (helmet, jacket, knee covered) are up to you. helmet, jacket, pants. No T-shirt riding